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Stay safe


Stay safe


Dear Sir or Madam,

For the sake of a successful stay and common security, we have implemented a number of procedures and rules of operation at the hotel. They are in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspector. In addition, we have carried out many activities that allow you to control this unique situation, and thus reconcile the hotel's activities with the organization of your holiday. Rules may be changed during your stay, which may be due to government decisions. In this case, you will be kept informed of the changes.

We hope that the charm of the small, quiet, spa town of Solec-Zdrój and access to the strongest sulphide water will provide you with a moment of rest, relaxation and well-being. Please read carefully and follow the recommendations.

Thank you.


  • Only registered hotel guests may stay at the hotel.
  • Before the check-in, a health assessment will be carried out, and the "Initial Qualification Questionnaire", "Update Survey" and "Guidelines and information regarding the stay at the Malinowy Raj" hotel will be completed and signed. At an increased temperature of 37.7 degrees Celsius, it will not be possible to complete the stay.
  • The property area is fenced. We recommend that you only use the hotel grounds.
  • Hotel guests are required to cover their mouth and nose during treatments and conversations with employees, frequent washing and disinfecting hands and keeping a distance from other people in the hotel, min. 2m.
  • The hotel has a designated isolation room in case of suspected coronavirus infection. Procedure according to GIS guidelines and the attending physician.
  • In the case of worse well-being or a mild cold or light illness symptoms, please wear masks when leaving the room.
  • The use of mobile phones is only allowed inside the rooms or outdoors.
  • Please respect the introduced rules. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to stay in the event of non-compliance with the applicable guidelines.


  1. The hotel is equipped with ozone generators, which disinfect the rooms after each guest's stay, offices and common areas of the Hotel.
  2. After the guests have left, we make a 24-hour break in making the room available. This is the time we spend on ozonation, disinfection of room and bathroom equipment and airing.
  3. Bed linen, towels and bathrobes are sent to a specialized laundry to ensure the highest quality of safety and hygiene.
  4. Disinfectants are available for guests in the public areas.
  5. Public areas, door handles, handrails, lifts, luggage trolleys, etc. are disinfected every hour.
  6. The dryers in the hotel rooms and toilets are turned off. Please take the dryer with you.
  7. For the sake of your safety, we have removed all unnecessary items from the rooms, including hotel guides.
  8. The bathrooms contain instructions on how to properly wash your hands and an antibacterial gel.
  9. Cleaning of the rooms during the stay takes place only upon the Guest's request.
  10. Please report the above need in situations necessary for your and our safety. Please report any defects by phone to the reception desk.


  1. There are designated service counters at the reception desk. There can be one person / family at one stand.
  2. In the reception hall, there are places for waiting people every 2 meters.
  3. A transparent plexiglass plate has been installed on the reception desk, in addition, reception staff serve guests in disposable masks / helmets.
  4. The reception desk, payment terminals, key cards, identification cards, pens and telephones are regularly disinfected.
  5. Please keep your presence at the reception desk to a minimum while handling the necessary matters.
  6. We encourage you to make non-cash settlements. We also ask for the calculated amount of the local tax. Disinfect the terminal after each use.
  7. Before each approach to the reception desk, please put on a mask and disinfect your hands.


  1. A transparent plexiglass plate has been installed on the reception desk, in addition, the reception staff serve guests in disposable masks / helmets.
  2. The reception desk, payment terminals and telephones are regularly disinfected.
  3. Please keep your presence at the reception desk to a minimum while handling the necessary matters.
  4. We recommend planning treatments by phone during your stay or by e-mail before your arrival. During the opening hours of the Medical Center.
  5. Before each entry to the Medical Center, please put on a mask and disinfect your hands. When using treatments that require constant contact with an employee, masks are obligatory.
  6. Please come to the treatments individually at the appointed time (please arrive on time). You are not allowed to bring cell phones and other unnecessary things.
  7. Keep 2 meters away from other people when you come for treatments.
  8. The employee reserves the right to refuse to perform treatments in the event of suspected coronavirus infection or non-compliance with the introduced rules.
  9. In the case of the cryosauna treatment, please bring gloves and socks.
  10. Equipment and accessories used for treatments are disinfected each time.
  11. Treatment rooms are disinfected and aired each time.
  12. Only one person and a therapist can stay in the treatment room.
  13. We encourage you to make non-cash settlements.
  14. The treatments can only be used by people registered at the Hotel.


  1. The restaurant is open. Meals are served according to current recommendations as to the form of serving. Using the restaurant is obligatory with the mouth and nose covered.
  2. When eating a meal in a restaurant, if necessary, guests will be divided into turns to limit the number of people staying in the room at the same time and to maintain safety.
  3. If you need to serve meals to go, guests will receive prepared kits to take to their rooms.
  4. Orders paid additionally will be added to the hotel bill. It is not possible to pay in the restaurant by card or in cash.
  5. All meals are prepared in appropriate conditions, cooks and waiters work with the principles of special hygiene.


  1. The use of the swimming pool is allowed in accordance with the guidelines. Hotel guests have priority entry. Entry to the Mineral Pool Complex only with the mouth and nose covered.
  2. The gym and fitness room are open according to the applicable guidelines.
  3. For your safety, we do not rent Nordic Walking poles.


  1. When delivering goods and services, the personnel of cooperating companies is equipped with masks / helmets, disposable gloves and disinfectant liquid.
  2. Each of the cooperating companies made a statement that the production process and organization of deliveries and services are carried out under sanitary supervision and compliance with the law.


  1. The hotel staff complies with all applicable hygiene and safety rules in accordance with the regulations introduced.
  2. The staff moves around the hotel wearing protective masks or helmets. Washes and disinfects hands, is subjected to temperature measurement and health assessment.
  3. Staff to work commute by individual transport.
  4. In case of the slightest doubts as to their health condition, Employees were instructed to stay at home.

We are at your disposal every day for 24 hours - we will be happy to answer any question and make a reservation.
Telephone: 41 378 99 00 E-mail address: recepcja@malinowyraj.com

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